Edible flower

Edible flower (Edible flower) is a flower whose flower petals are beautiful, harmless and edible. In the edible flower, you can choose from a variety of species such as verbena, carnation, swallowtail, petunia, rose, nadesico, marigold, french marigold, pentas, north pole, torenia, cosmos, snapdragon, chestnut, citrus, ombuds, kimmoksei, cherry, Okura, ears of the perilla, Sennichikou, Yotsuba, Arissam, Impathians, Chamomile, Calendula, Chrysanthemum, Cornflower, Cineraria, Saffron, Stock, Daisy, Hibiscus, Hermanus, Pansy, Verbena, Sunflower, Frox, Begonia, Pentas, There are Mallow, Linalia, Rose Geranium, Viola and others.

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