November Yellow-colored Flowers(2022年)

November Yellow-colored Flowers
This is a special issue on yellow flowers blooming in November. It is time for the camellia genus to start blooming. Yellow camellia varieties are rare, but Camellia kinkacha (scientific name: Camellia chrysantha) produces yellow flowers.
The "Ohzukuri - Sue no Matsuyama," which will be exhibited at the national Grand Chrysanthemum Exhibition in November, is an example of the Edo period's skill in producing 500 to 1,000 blooms from a single stem. The exhibition includes large chrysanthemums such as Seikou Kinba (tubular), Kairyu Shuho (tubular), Kokka Subaru, Yumekai (large and thick), Saiko Shigure, kengaizukuri for display, isogiku that blooms on the shore, potted dome chrysanthemums, soccer mums, zaru-giku, and edible chrysanthemums.
Outside the genus Aster, some flowers, such as poinsettia, have red bracts that are more prominent than the true flowers (small yellow ones).

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