Foliage plant

Definition of Ornamental plants(Foliage plants)

An ornamental plant(foliage plant) is a plant grown for admiring the color and shape of its leaves (Japanese Dictionary of the Japanese Language).
A foliage plant is defined as a plant grown for admiring the beauty of its leaf color and shape (Japan Flower Dissemination Center).
(Japan Flower Popularization Center). According to this definition, it does not say that plants that grow indoors are ornamental plants, but that those that grow outdoors are also ornamental plants.
Houseplants with leaves that are not only green but also red, yellow, pink, white, silver, and other colors are called "colored leaves. Even green plants with shades of green or stripes are included in the colorleaf category.
In simple terms, an ornamental plant is a plant whose leaves, rather than its flowers, are the main object of appreciation, and those with beautiful foliage color are called colorleaf plants.

Types of Houseplants

Cordyline Terminalis, Lophomyrtus Kathryn, Asagiri grass (Artemisia schmidtiana), Tabibito tree (Ravenala Ravenala madagascariensis), and many others. Please refer to the images and descriptions below.

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