Cherry blossoms

Cherry tree (scientific name: Cerasus L.) is the flower to represent spring in Japan. It is a deciduous broad-leaved tree of the Rosaceae family Cerasus genus. It makes 5 dialect or 8 dialect of pinkishness or white flowers bloom on the corymb.There are Atami zakura(Prunus kanzakura),Shidare zakura(Cerasus spachiana f. spachiana),Kanzan(Prunus lannesiana cv. Sekiyama),Kanzakura(Prunus kanzakura),Oshima zakura(Cerasus speciosa),an hizakura(Cerasus campanulata),Okame zakura(Prunus incamp 'Okame'),Somei yoshino(Cerasus ×yedoensis cv. yedoensis),Mame zakura(Cerasus incisa var. incisa) in the kind of cherry (Sakura, Cerasus) .

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