poisonous plant

Special Feature Toxic Plants - Coriaria and an aconite, the water hemlock are considered to be Japanese three major poisonous plants. The deadly poison degree does not permit other following. There are a lot of toxic plants elsewhere. A human being has the thing which is harmful to the domestic animals such as a thing or the horse of the harm in particular. There is the plant which is harmful to a human being, or is harmful to the domestic animal such as horse.Rather there may have more poisonous plants generally.There are various toxins, but the plant leaves of the azaleaceae include phytotoxin Grayanotoxin. Coriaria japonica,Aconitum,Aconitum sachalinense,Aconitum japonicum Thunb.,Aconitum nipponicum ssp. nipponicum var. nipponicum,Arisaema limbatum var. ionostemma etc..

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