World national flower

The number of countries in the world approved by Japan is 196, including Japan. The national flower or tree is a flower or tree that has been approved by the government of each country. The list also includes national flowers and trees that are equivalent to the national flower or tree, such as long-established customs of the country or those that have come to symbolize the country because they are loved by its people. In addition, we have also included those of countries that have not established diplomatic relations with Japan. In the end, there are 156 national flowers in the "National Flowers of the World, Sometimes National Trees" (renamed from "National Flowers of the World").

We have been calling our web site "National Flowers of the World," but we would like to respond to the following two points that you have pointed out.

Q1. I checked and found that other flowers are the national flowers of the world.
Q2: Some countries have a tree instead of the national flower.

A1. The national flowers in the Kagiken Hana Zukan are based on "National Flowers of the World by Google.
  Please note that the national flower may vary depending on the literature and data. In the Kagiken Hana Zukan, only flowers that have been recognized as the national flower or tree,
  or those that have been selected for equivalent reasons, are included.
  In addition, since we also include a small number of national trees, we have changed the name of "National Flowers of the World" to "National Flowers and Sometimes National Trees
  of the World".
A2: Canada, for example, does not have an official national flower, but only a national tree. Therefore, the national flower is not included, but the national tree, the sugar maple, is.

National flowers with images in Kagiken Hana Zukan, 111
Newly illustrated national flowers, 45
Countries whose national flower has not been decided by the government or whose national flower is unknown, ▲45
Countries where more than one country has decided on the same flower as its national anthem, where more than one national flower has been decided on by a single country, or where a national flower and a national tree have been decided on by a single country, ▲5

Examples of National Flowers

Lily of the valley,Viburnum dilatatum,Eustoma grandiflorum,Arabian Jasmine,Bauhinia,gooseneck loosestrife,Bellis perennis,Acacia baileyana,Fig Marigold,Prickly Blue poppy,Peacock flower,Iceland Poppy,Hinoki,cypress,Poplar,Draba oiana,Trifolium dubium,Vanilla,Ixora coccinea,Amazonica,Water lily,Rose,Tagetes erecta,Water lily,Crybabytree,Fragrant snowball,Cherry blossom,Gardenia,Yucca gloriosa,Golden Shower Tree,Acacia dealbata,Poinsettia,Ravenala madagascariensis,Calystegia japonica,Tea tree,Cyclamen,Shorea robusta,Phoenix dactylifera,Water lily,Somei yoshino,Olive,Baobab,Arabian coffee tree,Peanut,Hibiscus syriacus,Sphaerocoryne affinis,Paeonia suffruticosa,Plum tree,Andromeda polifolia,Japanese apricot,Stock 'Deep Rose Quartet',Corn,Rice plant,Olive,Dalechampia roezliana,Deutzia, racilis,Miyakowasure,Passionflower,Cotton,Bougainvillea,Welwitschia mirabilis,Bougainvillea,Alpinia purpurata,Damask rose,Plumeria,Cupressus macrocarpa,Sherardia,Fothergilla major,Lapageria,Heliconia rostrata,Mussaenda Dona Aurora,Indonesian wax ginger,Chrysanthemum morifolium,Hibiscus,Weeping cherry,Hibiscus,German Iris,Moth orchid,Annabelle,African Tulip Tree,Trillium camschatcense,Hibiscus syriacus,Ttitan arum,Sunflower,Calla,Rafflesia,Rambutan,Bamboo,Chinese quince,Hanashobu,Nelumbo nucifera,Rhododendron,Smoke bush,Tulip,Trifolium repens,Edelweiss,Gloriosa superba,Navel Orange,Pomegranate,Carnation,Lotus corniculatus,Potato,Winter wheat,Spiralis ginger,Tabebuia impetiginosa,Gardenia taitensis,Cornflower,Marguerite,common poppy,Common grapes,King Protea,Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim,Iris croatica,Black pepper,Leucanthemum vulgare,Schefflera arboricola ,Poinsettia,Acacia baileyana,Cyclamen neapolitanum,Artichoke,etc.

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