Yellow Flowers in October
There were 157 species of yellow flowers in bloom in September. As winter approaches, some flowers, such as Patrinia scabiosifolia, will finish blooming.

The number of yellow flowers in bloom in October was 128 species, fewer than in September, but there are new yellow flowers that start blooming in October.
For example, Gold and silver chrysanthemum (scientific name:Chrysanthemum pacificum ), Farfugium japonicum (scientific name: Farfugium japonicum), Canada goldenrod, scientific name:Solidago altissima, etc.

■Flower Color Special
Yellow flowers in October
Yellow flowers in October: 128 species

■Flowers blooming in September
White flowers in September: 261 species
Purple flowers in September: 190 kinds
Yellow flowers in September: 157 kinds
Pink flowers in September: 108
103 kinds of red flowers in September
70 kinds of orange flowers in September
38 kinds of blue flowers in September
36 kinds of light yellow flowers in September
27 kinds of green flowers in September
Brown flowers in September 17
9 kinds of silver plants in September
Black flowers in September: 2 species

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