Orchidaceae flowers in various shapes, colors, sizes, and uses
Orchid family flowers include the greenhouse orchid oncidium, the orchid dendrobium used in flower arrangements, the wildflowers shun orchid and atsumorisou, the wild orchid herb, the native Japanese orchid ebine, the native orchid onagera, the orchid phalaenopsis for store openings, the birth flower cattleya, the odd-shaped Monkey Orchid, Enciclaria cocleata, wildflower orchid Nejibana, and purple and white cilanthes that bloom in gardens around you. Orchids in greenhouses at botanical gardens can be seen in spring, summer, fall, and winter, and flowers for gift-giving are available year-round, either grown in greenhouses or imported from abroad.

■Orchids and their characteristics

Orchids are perennial plants in the family Orchidaceae of the plant kingdom Angiospermae. In English, they are called orchids. There are more than 15,000 species in over 700 genera in the world and 230 species in 75 genera in Japan. Unlike ordinary flowers, orchids have no petals but rather sepals, side petals, and lip petals. The leaves are oblong and thick in many cases, but some are completely absent. It is not propagated by seed, but by bulbs.

Orchids listed

Epidendrum orchid, Encyclia cochleata,Large-flowered Cypripedium, Ebine,Odontoglossum,Onagaebine,Gastrochilus japonicus,Cattleya,Silver orchid,Moth orchid,Christmas orchid,Gymnadenia conopsea, Dendrochilum cobbianum,Dendrobium,Pogonia,Orchid Nago,Spiranthes sinensis,Leptotes bicolor,Rebun lady's slipper orchid,Lealia shinjuku, White Egret Flower,Platanthera hologlottis,Bulbophyllum jungle gem,Dactylorhiza Aristata,Paphiopedilum ’sukhakulii',Paphiopedilum derenati,Paphiopedilum maripoense,Pterostylis nana,Vanda sansai blue,Phalaenopsis petit-mini,Golden Orchid,Tiger Orchid,Angulocaste,Bletilla striata, Cypripedium japonicum,Odontioda Orchid Marie Noelle 'Verano',Aerangis fastuosa,Cymbidium,Oncidium,Schoenorchis juncifolia,Ant Farm Orchid,Liparis hostifolia,Polystachya neobenthamia,Stenoglottis longifolia,Bulbophyllum maximum,Coelogyne Pure White,Coelogyne mooreana,Cym. ‘Princess Masako’,Vanda falcata,Lycaste Kiama 'Miss Kobe',Noble orchid,Cym.'Sweet Melody',Paphiopedilum insigne,Ebine 'Orihime',Ebine 'Toka no maboroshi',spider orchid,Brassia Orange Delight,Sande's Paphiopedilum,Coelogyne intermedia, Angraecum leonis, Ebine 'Satsuma beni',Ebine 'Orihime',Dendrobium smirie,Gymnadenia camtschatica,Miltonia,Mokara,Phalaenopsis petit-mini,Laelia undulata,Lealia superbiens,Phalaenopsis Midi 'Pink balaylena',Vanda Trevor-rathbone 'Back panther',Paphiopedilum derenati,Paph. Emerald Gate 'Green Globe',Dendrobium smirie,Yunnan noble orchid,Lianpan,Dendrobium speciosum, Iwachidori,Cremastra appendiculata, Cattleya Marisabel Delas Casas,Blc. Brilliant Gift 'Blumen Insel',Dendrobium ejirii ‘Suwada’,Vanilla,Liparis makinoana, Cymbidium sara jean cv. ice cascade,Chiloschista,Angraecum florurentum,Vanda Orchid,Dendrobium senile,Dracula gigas,Dendrobium smilliae, Calanthe puberula,Moth orchid,Arpophyllum giganteum, Rlc. Moon Miss 'Lunar Dawn', Lc. Wrigleyi Blue,Haven’,C. , maxima
carnea,'Mei', Paphiopedilum,'spicerianum',Cleisocentron merrillianum,C. walkeriana fma. perola ‘Nem Sempre’,Calanthe striata,Dimorphorchis lowii,Cattleya Cornelia 'Alba',Cymbidium Urara ‘Nana’,Calanthe hololeuca,Dendrobium moniliforme,Neuwiedia borneensis,Angulocaste,Paphiopedilum,Thunia alba,Lealia shinjuku,Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim,Vanda lamellata 'Remediosae', Epidendrum robustum f. allbum,Oncidesa nanboh waltz 'BosoSweet',Angraecum birrimense,Guarianthe skinneri,Rhyncholaeria digbyana,Peristeria elata,Paphiopedilum sukhakulii fma. album 'Hisako' Cattleya,trianae Colombia'snational,flower,Lyacaste,skinneri|National Flower of the Republic of Guatemala,Calanthe nipponica,Dendrobium catenatum。

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